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  • Assists in the development of the district's community education program.
  • Promotes citizen involvement in the planned activities of community education.
  • Fosters positive communications between school and community.
  • Works with community education advisory councils and civic, faith, service and governmental organizations when necessary to provide for the needs of the community.
  • Promotes the community education philosophy of lifelong learning for all ages.


Membership consists of representatives from schools and the community-at-large; members are chosen based on their interest in community education and willingness to be an active participant of CEPAC.

Membership is composed of:

  • up to four Community Education program representatives members-at-large acting as representatives of the ISD 279 Board of Education, faith community, service and civic organizations, parks and recreation, school principals, seniors, youth, and interested citizens
  • the Executive Director of Community Education and the District 279 Foundation, acting as an advisor
  • the Secretary of Community Education and Services shall serve as the secretary to the council


Be actively engaged in the advancement and success of CEPAC.

Share information to and from district learning sites, organizations or groups that the member represents as well as the community at large.

Attend CEPAC meetings of the full council.