In Osseo Area Schools, we respect the choice you’ve made to homeschool your child. We want to be sure you are aware of resources and opportunities available to you through Osseo Area Schools, and that you know how to comply with state reporting requirements.

Opportunities and support: Providing value to your family

Academic Shared Time

Students attending non-public schools on a full-time basis may participate in Osseo Area Schools academic courses on a limited basis. See Academic Shared Time Policy and Procedure 546.

Aid Reimbursement

Homeschool students are eligible for some state aid. To be eligible for reimbursements, you must complete form #ED-01650-33 and return it to us by October 1, 2020. Submitting the form indicates that you will be seeking reimbursement; all receipts must be submitted to the school district by May 1, 2021.  The preliminary authorized reimbursement rate per eligible student for textbooks and standardized tests is $85.59. This rate may be adjusted on or about October 15.

Submit all required reporting forms by fax, email or mail no later than October 1, 2020 to: 

Osseo Area Schools Educational Service Center
Attn: Erin Smith
11200 93rd Ave. N
Maple Grove, MN 55369
Fax: 763.391.7017

Textbooks, Materials and Tests

Textbooks and instructional materials are eligible for reimbursement if they meet specific criteria. Reimbursement is allowed for secular (nonreligious) textbooks; standardized tests; and individual student instructional material allowed by state statute. If you submit receipts from a religious-based vendor, we will review the materials to ensure that they are secular in nature.  

Health Services (vision, hearing, scoliosis, blood pressure testing; review of health and immunization records)

Homeschool students are eligible for the health services their local public school offers its enrolled students, as long as the costs for such services do not exceed the amount allocated by the Minnesota Department of Education. This allotment may not be used for reimbursement of health supplies.

Guidance and Counseling

Homeschool students in grades 7-12 are eligible for the guidance and counseling services their local public school offers its enrolled students, as long as the costs for such services do not exceed the amount allocated for guidance and counseling services by the state. Services may be provided at a mutually agreed upon location other than the student’s home.   

Special Education

Osseo Area Schools is responsible for locating, assessing and providing special education services to all qualified students, including homeschool students. If you think your child may have a disability, please contact Dr. Courtney Holmes.


In Minnesota, all children ages 7 to 17 are required to receive instruction, and the person providing instruction must report certain information to the local superintendent. Please indicate on your submitted form which nationally normed test you are using. The state recommends the Iowa Test of Basic Skills or the Stanford Achievement Test, both of which are available from the University of Minnesota.  The following tests are accepted by Osseo Area Schools: ACT, California Achievement Test, Iowa Test of Basic Skills, Iowa Test of Educational Development, NEWA Measures of Academic Progress, Peabody Individual Achievement Test, Stanford Achievement Test, Woodcock-Johnson III Tests of Achievement. 

More information

Minnesota Department of Education
Minn Statute 120A.22
Minn Statute 120A.24
Minn Statute 123B.41

The following is provided as a courtesy only; the district does not endorse these private organizations:

Home-Based Educators' Accrediting Association
Home School Legal Defense Association
Minnesota Association of Christian Home Educators (MÂCHÉ)
Minnesota Homeschoolers Alliance